Our Daycare & Boarding Facility

Our 7000 sq. ft. daycare and boarding facility is located at 2511 N 7th Ave (just north of Murdoch’s and just 10 miles from Bozeman Yellowstone Intl Airport). Top Dog’s facility is over 4000 sq. ft. of indoor space plus has an additional 3000 sq. ft. of fenced, outdoor space. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service while furnishing a fun, safe and clean atmosphere for your pet. There is a separate section for small dogs so they don’t have to feel scared or intimidated and we have a puppy pen just in case your puppy is not quite ready to play with the big dogs. Each play area is equipped with K9 grass, cozy dog beds, fresh water, outdoor space and lots of toys. If your dog is boarding with us, they will have a spacious kennel equipped with an elevated plush bed, fresh water, toys and an elimination area away from their bed, food and water.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday :   7AM to 7PM

Saturday & Sunday:   8AM to 5PM

Email: info@topdogbozeman.com

Contact Us: info@topdogbozeman.com

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