Boarding at Top Dog

Our approach to boarding is very different than the traditional ways. Here at Top Dog, the only time your dog is in their kennel is at night when they are eating or sleeping. The dogs who stay with us get to play all day long with the daycare dogs then go into a spacious kennel to recharge until the next day of fun. 

Each morning at 7:00 am, the dogs are let out into the play area while the kennels are being cleaned. They are then fed a separate breakfast (we always encourage customers to bring their own food to avoid any upset stomachs, but we can also provide Wellness brand dog food for an additional fee). 

After breakfast, the dogs are given time to digest their food then it is a day full of fun. All day, the dogs get to play, socialize and sleep. They get lots of belly rubs and attention.

 Each kennel has a cozy, clean dog bed, fresh water and an elimination area away from their bed, food and toys.

Please note: Top Dog cannot accept Non-Neutered male dogs.

Nightly Rates

$35 – 1 dog

$55 – 2 dogs (same kennel)

$70 – 3 dogs (same kennel)


Late Pickup Fee (after 12:00PM)

$17 – 1 dog

$29 – 2 dogs

$36 – 3 dogs

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